I don’t normally get swept up in viral crap, because I’m an old fuddy duddy before my time, but as this one is charitable, I thought I’d do it.

So I braved it. I picked up the gauntlet. Here we go.

man-united-1-man-city-6So apparently, they’ve decided to ban iPads and other tablets at the Trafford Red Sox stadium.


Not that it affects me in the slightest, I hate Manchester United of course, but the thought process behind this decision is, I think, fascinating.

The logic behind this decision stems from two key points, both of which make absolutely no sense.

1 – Supporters holding tablets up will block the view of other supporters.
2 – Supporters may record large portions of the match and upload them online.

So, most of the time, when you’re recording something with your tablet, mobile device, etc. you would, quite typically, hold the camera or device in front of your face, like this;


You do not hold it above your head like a gibbon, thus;


Secondly, why would you want to record a large portion of a football match on a tablet? They don’t usually contain large amounts of storage, and although they are expandable, they’re no more or less expandable than mobile phones. Both types of devices are similar in their capabilities in terms of recording and storage. Infact, mobiles such as the Lumia 1020 are far more superior at video recording.

So not only can I record large portions of the game in much higher quality anyway using my phone, a bigger question is, why? Nobody wants to see the game delayed, they want it live. They can get it live on TV or via streaming websites if they wanted to do so. If they want to see the highlights they can do so for free on BBC Match of the Day.

All of this aside, who in their right mind would take an expensive tablet computer to a football stadium full of thieves, hooligans and nutcases? You’re just asking to get robbed.

So clearly these reasons make no logical sense. What’s the real reason, then? Saving people from themselves, perhaps? If so, why not just say as much? Security reasons is a tenable excuse, the size of the electronic device is neither here nor there.

Weird, isn’t it?

As introduced in the latest video about Sonic Crackers, I’ve created a new introduction sequence for my videos to replace the drab, simple plain one I had before.
I’ve been working on these new title sequences for a while and I’m quite proud of the results!

So why a fancy new title sequence?

They say that a first impression is the most important one, and it’s true. A title sequence for your video should show the audience exactly what that video / channel is all about. So far my channel has been lacking that somewhat. It’s also another bump up in the production quality of the videos. So far my production quality has been ropey to moderate at best, so now I’ve made a few videos it’s time to try up the ante a little on the production quality front.

The new title sequence is a 3D rendering of an arcade cabinet. The camera pans past the screen as various elements of my logo take part in the video game that’s on the screen. Each video type will have it’s own video game style, so the challenges videos are a street fighter type game, the plays are a platformer, etc.

title screens
Of course it’s not just about the visuals, a new theme tune, courtesy of Kevin McLeod, completes the look and feel by adding 8-bit chip-tune style music into the mix as opposed to the odd carnival organ type thing I went with before inexplicably.

So, what do you think of the new title sequences? Let me know!