As introduced in the latest video about Sonic Crackers, I’ve created a new introduction sequence for my videos to replace the drab, simple plain one I had before.
I’ve been working on these new title sequences for a while and I’m quite proud of the results!

So why a fancy new title sequence?

They say that a first impression is the most important one, and it’s true. A title sequence for your video should show the audience exactly what that video / channel is all about. So far my channel has been lacking that somewhat. It’s also another bump up in the production quality of the videos. So far my production quality has been ropey to moderate at best, so now I’ve made a few videos it’s time to try up the ante a little on the production quality front.

The new title sequence is a 3D rendering of an arcade cabinet. The camera pans past the screen as various elements of my logo take part in the video game that’s on the screen. Each video type will have it’s own video game style, so the challenges videos are a street fighter type game, the plays are a platformer, etc.

title screens
Of course it’s not just about the visuals, a new theme tune, courtesy of Kevin McLeod, completes the look and feel by adding 8-bit chip-tune style music into the mix as opposed to the odd carnival organ type thing I went with before inexplicably.

So, what do you think of the new title sequences? Let me know!





GWarnungoing to do two shorter videos this week, I have a small overview / rant about Watch_Dogs to put up today for the weekly video, which isn’t tremendously long but I’ll revisit it properly in the coming weeks once I’ve gotten further into it.

I’m doing a second video hopefully this weekend which is going to be a bit different from the usual fare, I’m going to take a detailed look at Beta versions of various software that aren’t generally available, starting with an early Windows 95 beta (aka Windows Chicago) – looking at the differences between this and the final Windows 95. I hope this to be the start of a new series which I’ve yet to name but will be something along the lines of Beta Review or something.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported my new video venture so far. My unboxing videos are very popular with 500+ views, and I’ve had lots of good feedback over those. The gaming videos aren’t as well viewed so I will scale those back a bit and do a more 50/50 mix between gaming videos and real life reviews / beta software stuff.

But thanks to everyone who has watched and the 30+ and growing subscribers for watching!!!


Right, what shall we talk about? Since making videos, the written word feels more cumbersome and time consuming but, I guess we should make the effort. I think we’ll make this an eclectic look at all things random I’m liking right now.

Surface Pro 3

MicrosoftWhat a wonderful bit of kit this is looking to be! Now before we begin, a disclaimer, anyone who knows me knows that I love Microsoft. I always have, but recently more than ever. Since the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft  has been boldly launching in a new direction, and I absolutely love it. I remember hating Windows 8 for the first week I used it, but after a week it just clicked and I’ve been besotted by it ever since. Admittedly it took Windows 8.1 to mature fully (Windows 8 was a bitch on two monitors), but yeah, I love it.

So much so when it came time for a new phone, I just had to have a Windows Phone. When I obtained enough money for a tablet, it has to be a Surface. So yeah, I’m a Microsoft guy.


That being said, I wouldn’t buy the Surface 3. It’s fantastic in every way, but it’s not really the right device for me. For anyone who isn’t aware yet, it’s the new 12″ tablet that can replace your laptop, as Microsoft likes to say. It comes with a fantastic detachable keyboard and trackpad, and you can get it in i3, i5 and i7 variants. It’s the thinnest and lightest Intel Core product ever produced. So it’s a proper power users toy, this one. But I don’t need that much power when I’m out and about, and I don’t need a screen that big. When I do work, I’m at home on my big PC where I can really get things done. When I’m away from the home / office all I want to do is watch Blackadder and play Angry Birds.

So this device looks wonderful, but I don’t imagine anyone except businesses and truly mobile power users will need this. It’s a Pro device after all, and I’m anything but professional.


Boy oh boy. I’m not really a fan of politics so I’ll keep this brief, but to the people who voted UKIP, I disagree with your decision, but fair enough. For those who are unfriending people from social networks and even real life because they voted UKIP, you’re just as bad as they are.  For everyone else, hello. To UKIP themselves, fuck off you cunts.

Google recalls Fire Alarms that don’t work.

Fucking hilarious. A company that has the ability so snoop every e-mail to target advertising and record every call to give to the NSA seemingly can’t build a fire alarm properly. Why they’re building fire alarms is anybody’s guess, but it’s just further evidence Google is trying to kill you. And me for writing this.

Beats fucking headphones.

Apple are welcome to the cunts, the overpriced piles of plastic shit in nice packaging are infuriating. Inexplicably, despite the fact that selling $20 headphones for $200 is a money spinner, there isn’t enough money in the pot and now the founder of Beats is suing Dr. Dre, the celebrity co-founder that brought attention to the brand to begin with, over royalties.

Now I’m not a hip-hop kind of guy but I have to assume Dr. Dre must know something about audio. I can only regret he’s regretting the day he went anywhere near this fucking product.

And that’s all for now, folks.

I’m hoping to get a video up later today about either Sonic & All Stars Racing or Unreal Tournament 2004, whichever of my friends decides to play first, so, we’ll see.

In the meantime, cheers lads!

Alan_the_Web_King_smallIf by some chance, however small, that the comments being left, well, left right and centre, on my blog, are from real people, please read this blog post before you make your comments.

I know that my website is very low down on the search engine rankings.

I disappeared from the internet for a good number of years. I understand SEO and Web Design and I don’t need your dodgy SEO services. I know nobody visits my site, I know few people can find me or watch my stuff right now, and I don’t care.

Stop e-mailing me. Stop posting comments.

They will go unanswered.